The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has highlighted safety and environmental protection as two areas of seagoing operations which need to be controlled to achieve common standards and to prevent unnecessary injuries, loss of life, damage to health or property and the environment.

In support of this drive for improved standards, our Organization has incorporated the IMO`s International Safety Management Code into its ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System.

It is the role of our Organization to inform and prepare seafarers to be aware and conform with the safety and environmental protection policies of the Principal.

Internally, our Organization adheres to the promotion of Safety in the office by establishing, implementing and maintaining a “SAFETY CULTURE” among its staff and environment.

The development of an effective safety and environmental awareness culture is fundamental to our Organization’s business and the welfare of its personnel, including its seafarers and other individuals.

The preservation of the environment is as important as safety and health in the execution of the organization’s activities. CSPI Policy Direction aims towards the prevention of personal injury and damage to property and the environment, while taking into consideration legal requirements and regulations, standards and norms with respect to health and the environment.